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52. What if it’s True?

As my blog officially marks the one-year point this week, I have just one more big question for you: What if it's all true? What if, as I’ve previously discussed at, it is completely reasonable to believe that a... Continue Reading →


51. Is the Bible Still Relevant to us Today?

I’ll give you some quotes, you guess who said them.  Here they are: Quote 1: “[The Bible] should be read so that people have depth to language and depth of reference, which they are without. I think it is a... Continue Reading →

50. Why Are Christians So “Weird”?

Look, I get it. As I write this blog, I’ve lived just a little over half of my life as a Christian, and just under half my life as "not" a Christian.  And I remember well how all of this... Continue Reading →

49. Do Miracles Exist?

A 4-year old is wasting away from a medical issue that doctors can’t solve, yet is suddenly discovered to be completely healed after a nine-day prayer vigil on his behalf.* A woman experiences serious complications after a C-section and is... Continue Reading →

48. What Happens After Death?

It’s a question that everyone asks sooner or later, and a question many have attempted to answer via their own opinions or theories: “What, exactly, happens to a person after they die?” If we want a logical, credible answer to... Continue Reading →

47. When Will the World End?

Hurricanes.  Earthquakes.  Volcanic eruptions.  The worst mass shooting in modern American history.  Is the end of the world near? Some people certainly think so.  Some even set specific dates. We saw it again recently in the news: “CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY THEORIST... Continue Reading →

46. Should Christians Obey Earthly Authorities?

(With thanks to Stephen L.) While it may not be the most favored New Testament passage for Christians in our country today, I do think it’s one of the most important for us to consider. Because the words of the... Continue Reading →

45. How Do We Know That Jesus is the “Right” Messiah?

“Back in the first century,” some people (rightly) argue, “so-called Jewish ‘Messiah’s were almost a dime a dozen.” “So,” they sometimes ask, “how can you be sure that Jesus of Nazareth is the ‘right’ Messiah?” That’s definitely an important question—with... Continue Reading →

44. Why Doesn’t God Let “Everyone” Into Heaven?

It’s interesting to me when people pose today’s Big Question in one form or another, because I think we all intuitively know the answer. We Get It—We Just Don’t Like It I see evidence of that every time the judge... Continue Reading →

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