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40. Does God Ever Speak Through “Other” Religions?

“So Matt,” a reader of my blog may say, “more than once in this blog you’ve talked about the idea that ‘Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God/Heaven/etc.’ and why you believe that to be both logically and evidentially... Continue Reading →

39. What Makes Jesus “Different?”

Remember that game they used to play on Sesame Street, where they would show the audience four items and sing a little song that went like this: One of these things is not like the others One of these things... Continue Reading →

38. Is Apologetics Necessary?

I’m not an easy person to surprise.  (Just ask my wife.) More than once during our first years of marriage, for example, a considerable amount of frustration was caused for her via my ability to successfully figure out what gifts... Continue Reading →

37. How Do I Find a “Good” Church?

Take even a brief look around the area where I work as a pastor, and you’ll notice something relatively unique: the population here is made up mostly of military families and college students who only live here for an average... Continue Reading →

36. Are We Living in a Simulation?

It may sound like a joke, but it’s not. At least, it’s not a joke to astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson.  As Business Insider puts it, “One of the main arguments that physicists use to talk about what's known as... Continue Reading →

35. Why Doesn’t God Destroy Evil?

(with thanks to Trent B for submitting today’s topics) It’s a question that gets asked fairly often in various forms, but basically all boils down to this: why doesn’t God just destroy evil and the devil right now and put... Continue Reading →

34. Does God Ever Use Astrology?

(with thanks to Jenna H. for the topic.) It’s a question I’m asked every so often, especially by people who are relatively new in the Christian faith: does God ever use astrology/horoscopes/etc. to guide us? Thankfully, the answer is an... Continue Reading →

33. Does Media Affect Us?

It’s an important question to consider during any time of the year—and most definitely as we are now well into the summer movie season: Does the media we consume have an affect on our minds and hearts—for better or for... Continue Reading →

32. Is there Evidence that Humans have Souls?

It’s really quite ironic when you think about it: Anytime a person attempts to argue that humans are simply material beings without souls, the person arguing instantly disproves their own argument by arguing. (Allow me to explain…) Three Things Worth... Continue Reading →

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