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43. What Happens to People Who Never Hear the Gospel?

“So Matt,” believer and skeptic alike sometimes ask, “if God is a God of perfect justice, and Jesus Christ is the ‘Only Way’ into Heaven like you’ve talked about before,* then what happens to a person who dies without ever... Continue Reading →


Special: When Should We Help Others?

In response to the destruction caused by this past week’s hurricane in Texas, a friend of mine posted a meme on Facebook with this message beneath it: “Stop sending thoughts and prayers and do something if you actually care.” And,... Continue Reading →

42. Can We Trust the New Testament Canon?

It’s a popular objection to Christianity these days, and it takes a number of forms.  But the basic premise boils down to this: Isn’t Christianity ultimately just the result of the manipulation of people in authority over time? An invention... Continue Reading →

41. How Can God Be a Trinity?

It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever learned about the Bible: From literally page 1 of Genesis, when the Old Testament uses the word we translate into English as “God”, it uses a plural Hebrew word (“Elohim”) as if... Continue Reading →

40. Does God Ever Speak Through “Other” Religions?

“So Matt,” a reader of my blog may say, “more than once in this blog you’ve talked about the idea that ‘Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God/Heaven/etc.’ and why you believe that to be both logically and evidentially... Continue Reading →

39. What Makes Jesus “Different?”

Remember that game they used to play on Sesame Street, where they would show the audience four items and sing a little song that went like this: One of these things is not like the others One of these things... Continue Reading →

38. Is Apologetics Necessary?

I’m not an easy person to surprise.  (Just ask my wife.) More than once during our first years of marriage, for example, a considerable amount of frustration was caused for her via my ability to successfully figure out what gifts... Continue Reading →

37. How Do I Find a “Good” Church?

Take even a brief look around the area where I work as a pastor, and you’ll notice something relatively unique: the population here is made up mostly of military families and college students who only live here for an average... Continue Reading →

36. Are We Living in a Simulation?

It may sound like a joke, but it’s not. At least, it’s not a joke to astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson.  As Business Insider puts it, “One of the main arguments that physicists use to talk about what's known as... Continue Reading →

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