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31. Are Tragedies Proof that God Doesn’t Exist?

It’s an argument I’ve heard people like Neil deGrasse Tyson use more than once—though it’s by no means a new argument: “Every description of God that I’ve heard holds God to be typically all-powerful and all-good.  And then I look... Continue Reading →

30. Does the Bible Contain Contradictions?

(with thanks to Tom U. for his insights) Sometimes while in conversation about the Bible, a person will ask something like this: “Why would I put my faith in a book that is so full of contradictions?” And my first... Continue Reading →

29. How do we Know that Jesus Actually Existed?

It’s a question you hear a lot these days from skeptics: “how do we even know that Jesus Christ ever existed in the first place?” (And, obviously, such a question implies that the asker is unwilling to accept the Bible... Continue Reading →

28. How could Jesus be the “Only Way”?

In a world of “Coexist” bumper stickers, it can sound awfully intolerant for Christians to claim that “Jesus is the Only Way to eternal life.”  So how on earth—and why on earth—could we say such a thing? The first thing... Continue Reading →

27. Where Would Jesus “Stand”?

It’s a common thing to encounter these days, especially on social media: A controversial social or political issue grabs the attention of our culture, and a Christian with a certain perspective about the topic claims that—obviously—his/her position is the one... Continue Reading →

26. Should Christians Observe Jewish Traditions?

(With thanks to Daniel B. and Rachel N. for the topic idea, and to The Wertheim’s for the insights!) This week’s “Big Question” is a special one to me, because it isn’t just a question that I get asked as... Continue Reading →

25. Questions for Skeptics

I love to dialogue with people about the big questions of life. I love it, in part, because big questions are something that every single one of us wrestles with at some point in our lives.  They're something we all... Continue Reading →

24. Six Questions About Darwinism

I’m not anti-science. And I don’t believe the Bible is anti-science either, as I talked about extensively in my previous blog entry. I just have a few questions when it comes to Darwinism. A Definition for the Discussion Before I get... Continue Reading →

23. Is the Bible “anti-science?”

It’s a question I’ve had to answer more than once, especially as a bi-vocational Christian pastor who works part-time at a world-renowned science institution: “How on earth do you reconcile your faith with science, Matt?” And my answer is simple:... Continue Reading →

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